Apr 282012

Maryland Day today featured sublime, ridiculous and most things in between. Where CS ranks on this scale is something we can guess from email from some friends (who I missed connecting with). An excerpt:

So where were you guys during Maryland Day? I asked workers at the kiosk about finding computer science activities thinking maybe I’d see you, but they didn’t seem to even know if there is a CS department much less if there was any CS activity at Maryland Day. After some head scratching they finally sent us to your college tent, which was mostly empty. Someone was there showing off a tech project we had seen before, called M-Urgency. (Last year it worked on one kind of phone and only on campus. This year they think it will be up on a second phone soon, still only on campus. Doesn’t look like they made much progress.)

Engineering really had a presence. I finally got to see the Neutral Buoyancy Lab, which was great (and in big demand). Checked out the Wind Tunnel again, which I’ve done before, and was annoyed not to have time for the laser demo (bad timing on my part.) I caught a security presentation, which at first I thought would be you guys, but that was done by engineering too. The schedule showed an “Explore Computer Science” session in the morning but when we got there, shortly after it should’ve started, we didn’t find any faculty, there were no demos and really not much going on. Best we could tell is that CSI was open so people could use the bathrooms.

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