May 102014

The ever so popular Snapchat application for smart phones is in trouble with the Federal Trade Commission. The company is accused of not keeping their promises in terms of privacy. Snapchat is accused of, “collecting sensitive personal data, including address book contacts, despite promising otherwise.” The whole concept of SnapChat sending pictures or videos for up to ten seconds is becoming irrelevant. The FTC states that there are applications on phones that allow us to take screenshots or screen recordings that can get around that. In the terms of the settlement, SnapChat must create a privacy program and will be monitored for the next twenty years.

Personally, I dont think snapchat will still exist within the next twenty years. This also makes me think of all the other possible application out there that is collecting personal data without me knowing. I like SnapChat but I had no idea that they were doing this. I knew about how people could screen shot, however I did not know that they were, “collecting sensitive personal data.”

 Posted by at 7:24 pm on May 10, 2014