May 132014

What is called a surprise decision, “Europe’s top court ruled that Google. Inc if necessary, can be forced to delete links that have connections to individual on the web. This is a legal precedent across the European Union. People can request that google delete things if need be. If Google doesn’t want to, National Authorities can force them to comply. There are already people coming forward to take advantage of this. “Tuesday’s judgement comes in response to a 2011 request for guidance on EU privacy laws from a Spanish Court.”

In my opinion, I’m actually happy about this. I think in this way, less people can be slandered or blackmailed. However, I do see a downside to this. I think it can make it so that it’ll be easier for people to get away with doing something bad or illegal without repercussions of being ostracized. They can also get away with getting jobs that they may not deserve.

 Posted by at 4:07 pm on May 13, 2014