Nov 092014

Former University of North Carolina football player Michael McAdoo has filed a lawsuit against the school, saying it failed to provide him and other athletes a quality education by guiding them toward sham classes.

This is the kind of news that should give any of today’s campus administrators heartburn – questions of diligence in the campus scholarly mission. College athletes are surely the outlier cases, since it is big money (though not for the schools themselves) on the line, pushing the academic stakeholders to (sometimes potentially beyond) the limits of tolerance to the outside business needs.

But … how long before more former students, potentially saddled with heavy debt and an even larger sack of empty campus promises, start to think they might have standing to sue for non-performance by their alma mater? Surely the present and ever-expanding crop of expensive campus administrators hope that will happen on the next guy’s watch. By then the practices of today will have done well – for them.

The higher education bubble continues to burst around us.

 Posted by at 10:44 am on November 9, 2014