Nov 162014

Images of the aftermath from yesterday’s Big Ten football partying tell the story better than words.

In the past, scientists in AV Williams building worked around the clock throughout the week, but when the tow notices went out – make room for tailgating at big events or don’t expect to find your vehicle when you get back – we quickly learned to simply not try.

Over time, expansion of the bar scene near campus, notably the Varsity right behind AVW, squeezed the work time even more. The XX lots serve as generous overflow parking for the hard-drinking crowd, giving us more crime, more damage to vehicles of our scientists trying to get work done, and of course ever more noise, which impacts anyone with an east-facing office window.

All that’s different with this weekend’s event is that people happened to get photos to show where campus priorities lie.

Too bad though they didn’t document inside AVW, which shows the effect of lines snaking out the building’s doors as drunk party animals waited to use the restrooms. (Locked building? Yeah, right.) But the good news for those party animals is – we’re getting a new building! We’re sure the committee in charge will spec out more restroom capacity in order to handle the game day surges. It isn’t like they will have any competition from the residents trying to get work done those days.

 Posted by at 2:08 pm on November 16, 2014