Nov 172014

For all the hoopla about a new computer science building on campus, the unsurprising reality is that we don’t yet have enough funding committed in order to complete the building we need. The locals are still trying to fund raise, and nobody will know until next spring whether the state will come through with its partial donation too. It could all still fall through.

And why is there a question about the state providing a full share? Now we can make some good guesses! Campus leaders balked at going to the mat for full funding on this tech boondoggle because they didn’t want to risk the environment for achieving their real priority – an upgraded sports complex on campus, coming in at nearly five times the cost of the computer science center.

We already figured that Iribe must be quite the sports fan – after all, he donated just about the same amount as the campus paid to get us out of the ACC and into the Big Ten. This clearly let campus leadership start planning the new sports complex with a zero-base budget. We’ll see which building goes up first.

 Posted by at 3:19 pm on November 17, 2014