Not intended to replace the Career Center or National Scholarships Office on campus, here is a list of tips from colleagues, former students or friends who had something that tickled our fancy.

Some specific examples of internships we know about are below. Stephen.Sweet@charleskochfoundation.org for more details.

Koch Internship Program – A variety of opportunities available!

Summer Internship – Cato Institute – Application deadline 03/01/14 (Washington, DC)
Summer Internship – American Council of Trustees and Alumni – Application deadline 03/30/14 (Washington, DC)
Summer Internship – Tax Foundation – Application deadline 04/01/14 (Washington, DC)
Summer Internship – Competitive Enterprise Institute – Application deadline 04/15/14 (Washington, DC)
Summer Internship – Center for Competitive Politics (Alexandria, VA)
Summer Internship – American Legislative Exchange Council (Washington, DC)
Summer Clerkship – Institute for Justice (Arlington, VA)

Web Development/Communications Intern – E21 (Washington, DC)
Strategic Research Internship – Institute for Justice (Arlington, VA)
Internship – The Center for Individual Freedom (Alexandria, VA)
Academic Programs Internship – Institute for Humane Studies (Arlington, VA)
Learn Liberty Internship – Institute for Humane Studies (Arlington, VA)
Development Internship – Institute for Humane Studies (Arlington, VA)
Internship – Bill of Rights Institute (Arlington, VA)
Outreach and Operations Intern – Franklin Center for Government & Public Integrity (Alexandria, VA)