Atlas Network Programs and services to connect intellectual entrepreneurs to the tools, training, resources and allies they need to succeed.

The Federalist Society A group of law students and lawyers interested in the state of the legal order. For those in law school and concerned with law and public policy studies.

Foundation for Economic Education Up-to-date news from the front lines of liberty …

… and a library of FEE’s reference materials on economics and liberty.

Learn Liberty Learn the ideas of free society using videos and content explaining principles of economics, philosophy, history, political science and law.

Charles Koch Foundation Learn about liberty and advance free enterprise, regardless of your major or career path.

America’s Future Foundation Identifies and develops professional leaders for liberty with events, Doublethink magazine, a career center and nationwide chapters

Students for Liberty Holds events, garners recognition and creates a vibrant forum for freedom on college campuses. Also offers alumni opportunities to be engaged in the student liberty movement.

American Legislative Exchange Council Take on substantive projects and learn about state policy.

Cato Institute Assist policy and professional staff as well as take part in regular seminars on politics, economics, law and philosophy.

Competitive Enterprise Institute Learn and promote the ideas of liberty by being paired with a member of CEI’s policy, development, media or administrative staff.

The Heritage Foundation Paid internship with Heritage experts on foreign and domestic policy issues while attending seminars and networking.

The Leadership Institute Receive training and host conservative leaders at weekly dinners and receive personal mentoring from supervisors. A stipend is provided for participants.

Reason Magazine For critical thinking and thinkers (and yes, internships are often available.) Helps to find jobs in public policy, government, the news media, business or on Capitol Hill.