Jun 212012

UM President Loh is on his third China tour since taking over at College Park last year. It’s obviously good to be President and have lots of taxpayers ready to pick up the tab for travel. His blog documents agreement after agreement to hand over UM resources, services and research to groups that will use them to complete against American interests.

The relevant quote for my computer science majors wondering how this helps them find jobs after graduation: “Some of the best American students go abroad to study, to have internships because that’s where they’re going to be working and competing.” Important tip, kids: don’t just study Java. Study Chinese. This language facility will help you find a job working for the people who have been given your research results to dominate the US in world markets.

Inquiring minds wonder how hard Loh has worked to forge tech exchange agreements with the really exotic and hard to reach places of the world. Has he ever visited Allegany County in Maryland, for example? Or are people there only good for picking up the tab for state leadership to vacation somewhere else?

 Posted by at 7:53 am on June 21, 2012