Oct 262012

Graduates on a tech track in the US face artificial suppression of the market for their employment as government policy continues to allow domestic laborers to be undercut by foreign ‘in sourcing’ of talent. And meanwhile, former UMCP president Dan Mote is out on the stump advocating more import of labor, along with reduction of security standards.

Let’s review: We outsource our supply chain, then we outsource our full-up products, then we outsource our intellectual property (or allow it to be pillaged by China), then we outsource our security in a hurry, and then we wonder why students aren’t interested while products have truck size vulnerabilities.

The result? This is how to turn American into a local service economy where college grads work in Apple store Genius bars, selling products – hardware and software – made overseas.

 Posted by at 7:26 pm on October 26, 2012