Oct 052013

The future CMSC 435 lectures on how not to build software continue to unfold before our eyes. Get the full value – you’re paying for it, so learn all you can while you can. The Baltimore Sun has an early sketch of issues specifically in Maryland’s system (so even though our state was an early adopter of the policies and self-described as a leader, basically almost no users have succeeded with it yet.) A nice outline of technical tips is pulled together by the O’Reilly operation too.

There are plenty more out there, and the lessons will take much time yet to fully sink in, but you should definitely try to make your own observations now, so you can compare them the abstractions which surely will emerge later. Remember, there is no good substitute for being able to objectively assess these for yourself.

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  One Response to “ACA fire drill continues”

  1. A new followup from ComputerWorld shows that the ACA failure should have been fully expected: http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/print/9243396/Healthcare.gov_website_didn_t_have_a_chance_in_hell_?taxonomyName=Healthcare+IT&taxonomyId=132

    From the article:

    Of 3,555 projects from 2003 to 2012 that had labor costs of at least $10 million, only 6.4% were successful. The Standish data showed that 52% of the large projects were “challenged,” meaning they were over budget, behind schedule or didn’t meet user expectations. The remaining 41.4% were failures — they were either abandoned or started anew from scratch.