American Legislative Exchange Council Take on substantive projects and learn about state policy.

Cato Institute Assist policy and professional staff as well as take part in regular seminars on politics, economics, law and philosophy.

Competitive Enterprise Institute Learn and promote the ideas of liberty by being paired with a member of CEI’s policy, development, media or administrative staff.

The Heritage Foundation Paid internship with Heritage experts on foreign and domestic policy issues while attending seminars and networking.

Institute for Humane Studies:

  • Charles G. Koch Summer Fellows Program Public-policy internship focused on state, federal or single-issue policies. Includes two seminars, a stipend and housing assistance.
  • Journalism Internship Program Internships in print, broadcast, new media and investigative journalism.

Koch Internship Program Three-month paid professional education and training program for individuals interested in advancing economic freedom.

The Leadership Institute Receive training and host conservative leaders at weekly dinners and receive personal mentoring from supervisors. A stipend is provided for participants.

Reason Magazine Report, write and assist with research and proofreading at Reason. A 10-week internship with a stipend for participants.