Nov 292013

Google Wants to Write Your Social Media Messages For You is the article’s title, and that is exactly what it means:

Overwhelmed by social media? Google may have patented a solution for you, in the form of software that mimics the types of responses you make to update messages on various social networks. The patent, by Ashish Bhatia representing Google, describes a comprehensive social media bot, providing suitable yet seemingly personalized responses on social media platforms.

This is beyond twisted. Before it was only the pre-crime units that would swing into action before it occurs to us to actually do crime. Now the tedium of interacting with other people can be lifted before it ever occurs to us to connect with them. There are already bots in the market who will efficiently purchase stuff for you before you knew you needed it. (Since is challenged by people trying to buy insurance, the next simplification will surely be to simply have government buy it for us.)

What does that leave? Wait – they might have this covered too. (Someone check, does Google hold the patent on that too?)

 Posted by at 9:53 am on November 29, 2013