Oct 222014

What happens when law clinics run on liberal state college campuses team up with even more liberal environmental activist groups to target ‘big business’? Little businesses get run over, at least according to this report. An extremist group called the Waterkeepers has its sights on Perdue farms, one of the biggest operations on the Maryland eastern shore, but inappropriately went at the company through litigation against a small farmer that might have sold to Perdue, but otherwise had nothing much to do with the case at hand. “Inappropriate” is an appropriate word in this, since course records show that the expert for Waterkeeprs was outed as “making things up.”

Counsel for the Waterkeepers? The University of Maryland Law Clinic. Thus, the basis for the lone farmer in this story to remark, as a taxpayer, he ends up having to pay so the state – through this clinic and its funds – can sue him almost out of business.

In addition to the linked article above, the site showing the farmer’s story is at http://savefarmfamilies.org/

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